Educational Courses

The Council is pleased to offer clubs a range of interesting courses in the craft of lapidary. The minimum number in a class will depend on the type of class and complexity.

Course Max People per class
1. Cabbing Max 10
2. Carving Max 10
3. Enamelling Max 10
4. Faceting Max 10
5. Mineral Appreciation Max 10
6. Opal Max 10
7. Silver Jewellery and Smithing Max 10
8. Casting – Lost Wax Max 10
9. Casting – Cuttlefish Max 10
10. Wire Wrapping Max 10


  • Solid or boulder or matrix
  • Shape – freeform
  • Doublet – select cut colour & backing
  • Glue and redress shape to suit
  • Triplet – cut slim colour – backing & crystal top
  • Glue and redress shape to suit setting
  • Polish

Silver Jewellery & Smithing

  • Basic Tool list & optional extras
  • Designs – with or without gemstone
  • Sawing & soldering – Pendant
  • Prefabrication – Serviette ring
  • Forming – Salt, coffee or sugar spoon
  • Repousse – forming low or high relief from back
    Ring with or without stone
    Brooch with Cab or Faceted Stone
    Collett &/or basket settings for stones
    Chains – Foxtail or single twist bracelet
    Branding & polishing metal

Silver Casting 

  • Lost Wax – Centrifugal
  • Wax patterns & sprewing
  • Investments, Tubes
  • Weigh Silver or Gold
  • Burn out
  • Cast
  • Finish

Silver Casting Cuttle Bone

  • Decide on Design
  • Trim Cuttle for front & back mould
  • Draw patterns & inscribe & undercut – use Claw or Cab formers
  • Carve sprew position & locate F/B mould
  • Melt silver in crucible
  • Pour silver into mould
  • Cool mould & clean up casting
  • Dress casting & add suspension etc
  • Finish with polish or brass wire brush

Wire Wrapping

  • How to wire wrap gemstones


Costs and Other Arrangements
The minimum cost for these weekend courses is $300 (i.e. $30 per person per weekend for 10 attendees). If more than 10 people attend the cost is still $30 per person with the extra going to the G & L Council to help cover transport costs. If fewer than 10 people can attend,  your Club should enquire if another club could join in or the remaining number of people may need to agree to make up the shortfall – i.e. if 6 people that would be $50.00 each per weekend, or if 8 people then $37.50 each per weekend. Please enquire with the Council regarding possible alternative arrangements.

Payments are made to the Gem & Lapidary Council who reimburses the tutor (including transport costs).
Accommodation (billet or Caravan Park) is provided by the club together with lunches.

Below are a photo of our 2014 Enamelling Judging Course participants and several photos of members at work and some of the beautiful creations during cabochon courses at Byron Bay in 2012 and 2013