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Traders’ Application Form and Conditions
Indoor        Please enquire with the Secretary,
Outdoor     DEALERS CONTRACT OUTDOOR (updated July 2018)

Judging Manual
The Judging Manual is located on the national AFLACA website. Here is a link to it

Constitution of the Association
Constitution – Adopted October 2013, amended December 2017

Showcase Designs
Here are some designs for showcases that have been shared by their designers. They are presented in both image and pdf types of files.

Some of the designs include photos, such as the few extracted on this page. To see the full designs and photos (if provided), just click on the links below!

Figure Below: One Photo from the Horsham and District Lapidary Club Showcase Design

Bob Wright Showcase Design
pdf version full set (321 KB)

Horsham and District Lapidary Club Showcase Design
pdf version (364 KB )

Barry Waters And Peter Phillips Showcase Design
Note, these are copies. so may be difficult to read, originals are being sought
pdf version (757 KB )

Bob Ringer “Auckland” Showcase Design
pdf version ( 440 KB )

John Carter Showcase Design
pdf version ( 626 KB )

Figure: Here are just some of the photos that are within John Carter’s design. For the full set, download his design above.
Sample Photos From John Carter's Design