Our Council has a proud history of fostering the exchange of skills and knowledge amongst experienced crafts people, sharing their unique knowledge with their friends or willingly with strangers who have come together in the clubs, societies or organisations in NSW and the ACT.

We have promoted and encouraged the sharing of expert knowledge through GEMBOREES, GEMKHANAS, exhibitions, competitions and other combined actvities.

The Council has also assisted in the formation and development of new clubs, societies and other new organisations in NSW and the ACT and liaised actively with kindred organisations across Australia.

The executive and workforce of the Council are entirely composed of delegates from member clubs and the Council is a member of AFLACA (Australian Federation of Lapidary and Allied Crafts Association).

The Council are proud of our history of governance and we therefore make available for our Members and interested stakholders a copy of our Association’s constitution which is called its Rules.

If you have any questions about our governance arrangements please contact our Secretary. Details are on our Contact Us page.

You may read the Constitution of our Association here
GLC Constitution Dec 2017

GEMKHANA-2010 163